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Nipawin Council deals with variety of matters

Source: The Nipawin Journal | January 24th, 2018 | By Michael Oleksyn
Location: Canada, Saskatchewan


It was a busy night in Nipawin Town Council on Monday, January 22 with decisions finalized on many issues. These included fluoridation, a move on marijuana dispensaries in Nipawin and setting a by-election date to replace Ray Serack…

The council also decided to stick with their original decision regarding fluoridation of water in Nipawin made in July, 2017. At the January 8 meeting council received a letter was received from the Primary Health Care Nipawin Leadership Team, asking council to re-consider their decision to not add fluoride to the community drinking water supply

“Our team is asking that you revisit this decision especially considering the provincial cuts to the dental program,” said the letter, signed by Dr. Neville Van der Merwe on behalf of the leadership team.

“We are sticking with the recommendation that we made and voted on,” Harper said after the meeting Monday night…

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