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No fluoride planned for Nimbin water supply

Source: Echo NetDaily | May 12th, 2015
Location: Australia

Lismore City Council looks set to appoint a consultant to design stage one of the upgrade of Nimbin’s water supply.

The upgrade, which has been planned for a number of years, is aimed at drought proofing rural properties, and improving the quality of water.

GHD Australia Pty Ltd, which put forward a bid of $246,701, has been put forward by council staff as the preferred consultant for the project.

In a report to tonight’s council meeting, staff have indicated that further information would be supplied to the public about the upgrade, with a key message being that there is no plan to add fluoride to the water.

The consultant will be responsible for the detailed design of the project while the council will take care of environmental and cultural heritage assessments.

Once the design is complete, the council would call for tenders for the actual construction of the project.

Community consultation for the upgrade was undertaken in mid to late 2012.

The preferred option consisted of duplication of a trunk main along Gungas Road, re-purposing an existing trunk main as part of the reticulation network and the construction of a new service reservoir.

Under the plan, DE Williams Dam would be utilised as a stilling basin and the pump station and chlorine-dosing station would be upgraded to service the new network configuration.

In the report to councillors, staff have said the upgrade would have numerous benefits.

‘The proposed upgrade to the Nimbin water supply will enable council to guarantee rural customers of the Nimbin water supply a supply of potable water,’ the report says.

‘At present, council is unable to guarantee either the quality or quantity of water supplied.

‘Given that the supply of clean drinking water is critical to human health and dignity, the guaranteed supply of safe drinking water to these customers is of inestimable value.

‘Consequently, the benefits arising from this project may be considered to be invaluable.

‘This would suggest that the project will undoubtedly have net economic benefit if a means of adequately assessing the true value of these benefits was available.’

The council meets at 6pm.