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No fluoride will be added to Nipawin’s water

Source: The Parkland Review | July 13th, 2017 | By Devan C. Tasa
Location: Canada, Saskatchewan

There will be no fluoride added to Nipawin’s drinking water.

The town’s council made the decision at their July 10 meeting.

Rennie Harper, Nipawin’s mayor, said the town was asked by the medical health officer to consider adding fluoride due to the new water treatment plant that’s under construction. After some research, council looked at holding a referendum, which was voted down.

At the July 10 meeting before the vote, council looked at holding a non-binding plebiscite. That was also voted down.

Harper said the decision to not hold a referendum or plebiscite on the issue affected how she voted.

“I do feel that it is a big topic, it affects people’s health and when I wasn’t able to hear from the public, the citizens of Nipawin at large, I felt a decision to fluoridate wasn’t one that I wanted to make.”

“Every member of council had their own reasons for deciding such,” said Barry Elliott, the town’s administrator, “but they did have the opportunity to consider all of the options for closure on the matter.”

According to a report to council written by Elliott, the current plans for the water treatment plant don’t have the equipment to add fluoride. The administrator said if a future council decided to add fluoride, the cost of doing so would be inexpensive.

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