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No More Fluoride in Mt. Pleasant

Source: Central Michigan Life | Life Senior Reporter
Posted on November 3rd, 2004
Location: United States, Michigan

Mount Pleasant residents voted yes on Proposal 1 makin it unlawful to continue putting fluoride in the water

The ballot initiative passed 3,234 to 2,990 Tuesday making it unlawful for the city to add any chemical to water that would affect physical or mental functions.

Gladys Mitchell, of the anti-fluoride group Mount Pleasant Citizens for Safe Drinking Water, said she can’t think of words to express her feelings about the city proposal passing.

“I feel like people really want to make their own decision about what they want to take into their bodies medically and the city shouldn’t be doing it through the water system,” she said.

Duane Ellis, director of public works, said he is disappointed with the outcome of the proposal and feels this will cause confusion in the operation of the water system.

“It was our job to education the public on the issues and we raised questions about how it will impact the system,” he said.

Tom Kochheiser, director of marketing and public relations for the Michigan Dental Association, said it was extremely unfortunate.

“It’s especially important for children in the community and people who can’t afford health care,” he said.