Cllr Peggy Nolan wants an immediate ban on the flouridation of drinking water in Ireland. She states that we shouldn’t have to wait until the forum on flouridation concludes in September.

“At present Ireland stands alone in Europe as the only country to insist under law that drinking water contains fluoride,” she points out. “Seventy three per cent of Irish drinking water contains the drug, which is added to prevent dental decay. Most other countries have rejected the practice including most western governments and the largest Union of Scientists in the American Environmental Protection Agency claiming it is linked to cancer, irritable bowl syndrome, hip fractures and thyroid disorders. There is also a link to lower I.Q. levels in children. Studies on the blood levels of 150,000 children under seven found that those living in fluoridated areas were at greater risk of having lead in their blood higher than the acceptable level.

Although it is widely believed that the fluoride added to drinking water is a natural mineral, the agent used in Irish water is a highly corrosive acid, a waste component of the Dutch and Finnish Fertiliser industries, Cllr Nolan claims.

“It is very toxic and contains trace amounts of lead, arsenic, chromium and uranium. When this enters the body only some excrecites and the rest is left to accumulate in bones, glands and other tissues.

“I am deeply concerned that this entire country is being medicated against their will. Under E.U. legislation everyone has a right to bodily integrity and what this government is doing is clearly unethical,” the Fine Gael councillor continued.

“Bottle fed babies in Ireland are receiving unsafe levels of this drug in their feed. If we use the British Medical Association Safety limits, new born babies who eat formula made with tap water are receiving three times the safe dose of fluoride.

“The Department of Health is determined to proceed with its policy of water fluoridation. It is my belief that the policy should be “If in doubt, cut it out”.