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Northern Tasmania: Fluoride could be put to the people

Source: Green Career | July 19th, 2017
Location: Australia

Councils in northern Tasmania could soon ask their people if they want fluoride in their water.

Tasmania was actually the first state in Australia to add fluoride to its drinking water back in 1953, which lead to a dramatic reduction in dental decay.

But there is a high level of opposition to the public health measure, with anti-fluoride groups arguing that there is a conspiracy to add substances to drinking water are different (and more toxic) than the authorities claim they are.

In Tasmania, the State Government decides on fluoride levels, but Kentish Council Mayor Don Thwaites has put forth a motion for an upcoming meeting of Tasmanian councils that could see that decision handed to councils.

“The motion is that councils be allowed to have a vote on whether they want fluoride added to the public water supply or not in their area,” he said.

“It’s not about whether fluoride should be added or not, we believe that that’s a debate that can happen after it’s decided whether we can actually have a vote on the subject or not.”

Mr Thwaites said he was prompted to ask the question after concerns were raised by the community and other councillors.

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