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Northern Westchester Joint Water Works Amawalk Water Treatment Facility Discontinuation of Fluoridation to Town of Yorktown and Somers Water Supply

Source: Website of the Town of Yorktown, New York | October 4th, 2017
Location: United States, New York

This notice only impacts Yorktown and Somers residents.

On or about October 3rd, 2017, the Northern Westchester Joint Water Works (NWJWW) will no longer add fluoride to its drinking water produced at the Amawalk Water Treatment Facility. When it is implemented, all Yorktown and Somers residents will not receive fluoride from drinking water. Fluoride is a mineral that has been shown to help reduce the formation of dental cavities when added to drinking water at recommended levels. As a result, residents in affected areas may consider obtaining prescriptions for fluoride supplements, or contact their medical and/or dental health provider for alternative strategies to offset the loss of dental health protection.

In 2016, approximately 33% of Yorktown’s daily supply, and nearly 100% of Somers’ daily supply, was produced at the Amawalk Water Treatment Facility. The remainder of Yorktown’s supply was provided by our Catskill Water Treatment Facility.

The fluoride feed system at our Catskill Facility has been offline since January 2013, and under engineering review for an upgrade. The new chemical feed system is being relocated in order to provide critical redundancy within our transmission system. This project is presently in the design phase with construction beginning in 2018 and expected to be completed by 2019.

Due to hydraulics associated with Yorktown’s distribution system, we cannot provide an optimal level of fluoride to all residents unless fluoride is added at both facilities. Therefore, in consultation with Westchester and NYS Health Departments, as well as Yorktown and Somers officials, the decision was made to temporarily discontinue fluoridation at the Amawalk Facility. The NWJWW will resume adding fluoride at both Amawalk and Catskill facilities once the relocation project is completed.

Again this notice only affects residents of the town of Yorktown and Somers.

For additional information contact:
Matthew Geho-NWJWW Operations Director
914-737-3558 ext # 111
matthewgeho@nwjww.com (link sends e-mail)

*This notice is online at http://www.yorktownny.org/northern-westchester-joint-water-works-amawalk-water-treatment-facility-discontinuation-fluoridation

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