NORWICH City Council is being urged to formally oppose plans to add fluoride to drinking water because of health fears.

Green Party councillor Jessica Goldfinch will propose a motion next week urging the council to oppose the proposed Fluoridation Bill.

A new amendment will force water companies to add fluoride to water supplies.

If given the go-ahead the Norfolk regional health authority would ask Anglian Water to begin adding fluoride to the water supply of thousands of homes across the region.

The Government and dental professionals view its introduction as a way of cutting high rates of tooth decay among youngsters in deprived neighbourhoods.

Opponents claim fluoride has been linked to adverse health affects including cancer, brittle bones and thyroid disease and can cause teeth to mottle.

Cllr Goldfinch said the move was “indefensible” as it would add tonnes of fluoride to the environment, was medically unethical and against the human rights of water customers.

She said: “There is overwhelming evidence, which links fluoridation with a range of health problems. Tooth decay needs to be tackled through improved diet.”