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NSW govt supports fluoride in water

Source: The Australian | August 21st, 2013
Location: Australia

THE NSW government is looking at ways to take over responsibility for the fluoridation of water, with a council set to decide on whether to remove fluoride from its water supply.

State Health Minister Jillian Skinner on Wednesday asked her department to prepare a discussion paper on whether the state government should take over the responsibility from individual councils.

“NSW Health will engage Local Government NSW in the process of preparing the discussion paper. Public comment will be invited,” Ms Skinner said in a statement.

“I have absolutely no doubt about the value of fluoride in our water supply, given the clear evidence of its benefit in oral health.

“What many people do not realise is the great potential for poor oral health to impact adversely on general health.

“Fluoridated water benefits not only the individual but society as a whole by reducing the burden associated with avoidable disease.”

Ballina Local Council will vote on whether to reject fluoridation of its water supply on Thursday.

If it does, it will join nearby Lismore Council and 17 Queensland councils that have voted no to fluoride this year.