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NY: Proposed legislation on the sale of bottled water

Source: New York State Assembly | June 15th, 2017
Location: United States, New York

Title: Prohibits the sale or offer for sale at retail of bottled water for human consumption, food preparation or culinary purposes in this state in a beverage container unless such container includes on its label certain information; requires an annual bottled water report to be prepared by the purveyors of bottled water.


BILL NO: A08372
SPONSOR: Kavanagh
MLTSPNSR: Cymbrowitz, Hooper, Ortiz, Rivera
Add Art 22-C §§350-j – 350-n, Gen Bus

3.  The  bottled  water  report  shall  include such information as is
    35  required in this section as well as any additional information  required
    36  by  the  commissioner.    Additionally,  the  statement  shall provide a
    37  section which explains, in plain language, the information  required  in
    38  the  statement,  including  brief  and plainly worded definitions of any
    39  terms the commissioner determines to be appropriate for carrying out the
    40  purposes of this article.   The department may prepare  or  prescribe  a
    41  format or model upon which all such reports shall be produced. The annu-
    42  al  bottled  water  report  shall  include,  but  not be limited to, the
    43  following items of information:
d.  a statement indicating whether the water contains fluoride. If the
     9  water contains fluoride such statement shall indicate the average amount
    10  present in a bottle;
Referred to Consumers Affairs and Protection and https://legiscan.com/NY/bill/A08372/2017