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NYC. Vallone: Better safe than sorry

Source: The New York Daily News | January 1st, 2011 | By Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr.
Location: United States, New York

Astoria: Re “Something in the water” (editorial, Dec. 29): There is a growing body of evidence that fluoride does more harm than good. One need only do a modicum of research to find many anti-fluoride studies. Most recently, a study published by the National Institute of Environmental Health linked fluoride in water – at levels below what the EPA considers safe – to lower IQ in children.

While four out of five dentists may be enough to pick a gum, all five should agree before we force-medicate the public.

While all toxic substances have safe levels, common sense dictates that it is impossible to monitor fluoride intake when it is in almost everything we eat and drink. Even the Centers for Disease Control have acknowledged that any benefits from fluoride are topical. And the fluoride toothpastes you reference are not meant to be swallowed, largely because of the fluoride.

Before you fit me for a tinfoil hat, you should pick up a few extra rolls of foil for most of Western Europe, which has discontinued fluoridation or never started it, and for the many doctors and scientists who support my position.

It’s time for an intelligent discussion to be had on this controversial practice, a discussion that does not involve conspiracy theories. After that occurs, I believe most people will support the precautionary principle, which says: If in doubt, leave it out.