Legislation in NY Governor Cuomo’s budget chips away at local governments’ ability to stop fluoridation (proposal “M”) instigated by the Schuyler Center and the NYS Health Department and two fluoridation-promoting advocacy groups. They misrepresent fluoridation safety, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

Public Health Law 1100a gives full authority to legislators to independently stop fluoridation presumably with constituent input. Before 1100a, individuals such as Health Commissioners could unilaterally mandate fluoridation. Proposal “M” amends 1100a to put more power in the hands of Health Commissioners, reversing the intent of 1100a.

“This amendment should be removed from the Governor’s budget along with funds earmarked for fluoridation,” says Paul Connett, PhD, FAN Executive Director.

Further, “No federal agency takes responsibility for fluoridation – not HHS, CDC, FDA or EPA. The Governor’s fluoridation decisions may be based on distorted information provided by un-elected or special-interest groups,” says Connett.

Only an estimated 25% of NYS Dentists treat Medicaid patients.

“Dentists prefer to treat the water of low-income New Yorkers rather than their teeth,” says Connett.” Instead of fluoridation, dentists should be mandated to treat more Medicaid patients. Another option – legalize Dental Therapists. Fluoridation helps no one.”

The Schuyler Oral Health Report ignores findings from a 2006 National Research Council report on fluoride’s toxicology showing that fluoride is an endocrine disruptor and that formula-fed infants in fluoridated communities are exceeding EPA’s safe level for fluoride. Last year, fluoride was classified as a developmental neurotoxin. Israel’s‘ Health Minister banned  fluoridation country-wide based on health concerns.

Also, ignored are 43  human studies linking fluoride to lower IQ in children.

Schuyler reports that a 1991 US Public Health Service (USPHS) report found no valid evidence linking fluoride to serious health conditions

But the USPHS reported many gaps in knowledge, e.g., fluoride’s relationship to bone fractures, reproductive effects and genotoxicity, (See More)

Schuyler says, “Researchers at the NYS DofH have published more than 40 scientific reports…These reports have reinforced the safety and efficacy of the practice.”

This limited list doesn’t prove fluoridation safety and includes an ignored 1990 NYS Department of Health report revealing fluoride’s potential harm to kidney patients, diabetics and the fluoride hypersensitive even at optimal levels. About 25 studies are associated with the dubious 1945 Kingston/Newburgh human experiment. Some studies show more cavities and fluorosis in fluoridated areas.  None provide safety evidence.

They claim that “Fluoride is Natural”

The truth is that fluoridation chemicals are lead- and arsenic-laced  waste products of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing – never safety-tested in animals or humans .

“Nature protects the new-born baby from fluoride (level in mothers milk is very small at 0.004 pm). Water Fluoridation at 0.7 to 1.2 ppm removes that protection for the bottle-fed infant,” says Connett.