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Oasis School on bottled water due to arsenic, fluoride levels

Source: The Desert Sun | September 11th, 2008 | By MICHELLE MITCHELL

Students and staff at Oasis School in Thermal are drinking bottled water after elevated levels of arsenic and fluoride were found in the school’s well water system, Principal Elizabeth Ramirez said.

The higher levels were confirmed on Sept. 4, two days after school started, and the school immediately turned off faucets and switched to bottles, Ramirez said.

“They gave us 24 hours to switch to bottled water,” Ramirez said. “We switched to bottled water that exact same day. We did not hesitate.”

Letters went home to parents explaining them of the situation and every child is given a bottle of water in the morning and more if they need it.

“I had water on campus because my wells have shut down before,” Ramirez said. “I’m unfortunately prepared for those kind of things.”

The school is moving to a new location – and a fresh water system – in January.