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Oberon councillor pushes for town to reconsider fluoridating town water supply

Source: ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | November 25th, 2013
Location: Australia

An Oberon councillor believes residents have rejected moves to fluoridate the local water supply because they have been misinformed about the issue.

The Oberon Local Government Area is one of 15 across the state that does not add fluoride to its drinking water supply, and last month the state government announced $5m was on offer to councils for the installation of fluoridation equipment.

Councillor John Morgan says representatives from New South Wales Health and the University of Sydney recently briefed the council on the oral hygiene benefits of adding the chemical to its water supply.

He says a public awareness campaign will get underway shortly.

“Oberon has a history of rejecting fluoridation of drinking water, about maybe three to five years ago,” he said.

“And this time, I would like to personally see it tackled and have some factual information there before the community.”

Councillor Morgan says a local dentist has raised concerns about the oral health of Oberon’s children, amid the call to fluoridate the town’s drinking water supply.

“This lady from Bathurst, she’s quite adamant the amount of money, the amount of health problems young people, children in particularly have in the Oberon area is very preventable and as a society we should be doing something to give everyone a better opportunity of medical care,” he said.