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Oberon councillors to discuss fluoridated water

Source: ABC News Radio (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) | November 11th, 2008
Location: Australia

The contentious issue of fluoridated drinking water could be back on the agenda in Oberon.

The New South Wales Department of Health is seeking permission to brief Oberon councillors next month on the benefits of adding fluoride to the town’s water supply.

The shire’s residents currently fall into the 6 per cent of the state’s population which does not have access to fluoridated drinking water.

The council’s general manager, Bruce Fitzpatrick, says councillors will decide tonight whether they want to hear the presentation.

“We have previously had representations made by people involved in the dental type area,” he said.

“They have indicated a lot of the young children and people in this area have poor teeth because of lack of fluoridation. We’ve previously looked at it and the council of the day has said ‘no, we weren’t going to introduce it’.

“It seems to be like people either believe in it very strongly or don’t believe in it at all and there doesn’t seem to be too much middle ground. It’s really going to come down to what the balance in the council is, in terms of whether they wish to go down this path or not.”