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Oct. 12: Fluoride expert Dr. Susheela to speak in Oakville 7:30-9:30pm

Source: Concerned Residents of Peel to End Artificial Water Fluoridation | October 11th, 2016 | Contact: Liesa Cianchino, 905-467-2018
Location: Canada, Ontario

MISSISSAUGA – World-Renowned scientist Dr. A.K. Susheela, PhD, F.A.Sc, F.A.M.S., will be speaking in Oakville, Ontario on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 on the “Harmful Effects of Fluoride on Human Health”. 

Based in New Delhi, India, Dr. Susheela is a global leader in Fluoride Toxicity and Fluorosis research, having studied the adverse effects of ingested Fluoride for over three decades.  Dr. Susheela speaks regularly to global audiences on the adverse effects of fluoridation, including the UK Parliament in 1998.

Dr. Susheela is the executive director, of the Fluorosis Research and Rural Development Foundation in India, Professor of Anatomy (Histocytochemistry) and Chief of the Fluoride and Fluorosis Research Laboratories at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi.

Dr. Susheela is a member of the faculty of the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. She is also a fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences in India and a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences. She has been awarded the Ranbaxy Research Foundation prize for her outstanding contributions in the field of fluorosis research and is elected Ashoka Fellow for her lifetime achievements in mitigation of fluorosis.

“I am absolutely certain that large numbers of persons all around the world are suffering from fluoride toxicity, to one degree or other,” said Dr Susheela.

“The evidences we have provided on the harmful effects of fluoride on human health, unequivocally prove the point that fluoride is disease-causing and not disease preventing. Our scientific publications would not only stand the test of time but also before any judiciary in any part of the world, as it is based on biomedical research of highest standards,” says Dr Susheela.

Dr. Susheela’s visit and presentation in Peel Region/Oakville is well-timed, as the Community Water Fluoridation Committee continues to debate whether to end artificial water fluoridation in Peel’s drinking water, and amid an increasingly fractious debate across the country on whether municipalities ought to continue to fluoridate municipal drinking water, given the harmful long-term health effects of artificial water fluoridation.

In regard to claims by Ontario’s health authorities that water fluoridation strengthens teeth surfaces and prevents dental caries (cavities), Dr Susheela’s research indicates the opposite.

“The findings emerging from the studies on both tooth and bone have made significant contributions to negate the belief that fluoride is good for teeth. Instead, fluoride does more damage to teeth than any good, ” says Dr. Susheela.

Dr. Susheela’s presentation takes place on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 from 7:30-9:30 pm at Le Dome, 1173 North Service Road E, Oakville, ON.

The event is sponsored by Concerned Residents of Peel to End Artificial Water Fluoridation.

Dr. A.K. Susheela Interview on the dangers of Fluoride https://vimeo.com/54005591

For most comprehensive information, please visit: http://www.fluorideandfluorosis.com and http://www.fluoridealert.org