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Oct exports of anhydrous aluminium fluoride up 237% YoY

Source: SMM (Shanghai Metals Market) | November 30th, 2018
Industry type: Aluminum Industry
SHANGHAI, Nov 30 (SMM) – China exported some 11,154 mt of anhydrous aluminium fluoride in October, down 19% from September, but up 237% from October 2017, showed data from China Customs on Thursday November 29.

In October, Russia remained China’s largest export destination for anhydrous aluminium fluoride, a raw material in aluminium smelting. Exports to Russia surged 102% from September to 3,384 mt.

Exports to Australia stood at 1,224 mt in October, up 4.1% on the month. This made Australia the second largest export destination for Chinese anhydrous aluminium fluoride, the data showed.

*Original article online at https://news.metal.com/newscontent/100858182/oct-exports-of-anhydrous-aluminium-fluoride-up-237-yoy/