Dear Editor:

Re: ODA pleads guilty in case, Oct. 31, Waterloo Chronicle.

Bob Vrbanac’s article covers one perspective on the outcome of the recent legal case involving the Ontario Dental Association (ODA).

As President of the ODA, I’d like to share with the residents of Waterloo the ODA’s position on this matter.
Our association made the decision to move forward from this issue and refrain from taking up anymore of the court’s time with this matter. The association entered a plea — with no fine imposed.

The charges against both Dr. Harry Hoediono and Dr. Ira Kirshen have been dropped — similar to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario’s move to dismiss the frivolous claims brought before them on this issue.

The people of Ontario should be assured that the ODA will continue to advocate on behalf of the public when it comes to their health and well-being.

The association will continue our work to educate the public about the benefit of community water fluoridation because in the right amount it is both safe and effective.

Dr. Arthur Worth
President, Ontario Dental Association