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Oklahoma lawmaker seeking to ban fluoride in public water supply.

KOKH | January 5th, 2023 | by KOKH Staff
Posted on January 5th, 2023
Location: United States, Oklahoma

State Sen. Nathan Dahm has filed a bill that would prohibit fluoride from being added to any public water supply.

“Many countries have stopped the use of fluoride in their water due to health concerns and lack of supporting evidence for its efficacy when ingested,” Dahm said. “Finland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and Switzerland are just a few of the countries to do so.”

Senate Bill 165 would prohibit every county, municipality, city, town, school, or political subdivision thereof, or public or private business operating in the state from introducing or depositing fluoride into any public water supply.

“If individuals want to use fluoride there are ways they can access it,” Dahm said. “This legislation would prohibit the forced usage of fluoride on the entire population, leaving it up to the individual to decide whether to consume it.”

Having fluoride in drinking water reduces dental decay by 18-40 percent, according to data from the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

They call the practice “safe, cost-effective, and beneficial to all who drink and use the water.”

The 2023 legislative session begins on Feb. 6.

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