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One on one with Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Source: Turnagain Times , Vol 18, No. 7 | April 2nd, 2015 | By Paddy Notar
Location: United States, Alaska

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Alaska‘s U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski at the Silvertip Grill in Girdwood on March 21. We talked about my old bacterial infection, my mother passing away, and then we got into the issues that affect the everyday person. I started by approaching her about fluoride being purchased from Chinese corporations and the lack of U.S. government oversight.

“Are you telling me that the EPA and the FDA don’t inspect fluoride from China?” Murkowski said, a bit stunned. “That’s not right. We can’t even bring in prescription drugs from Canada into the United States. Why aren’t we buying fluoride from U.S. companies?”

I explained that many U.S. companies, which used to provide fluoride went out of business long ago because municipalities want the lowest bid and no one can beat Chinese prices. Frankly, I was surprised that she didn’t have more information on the situation. Water is a natural resource, she chairs the Energy and Natural Resources Committee for the U.S. Senate, lives in Girdwood, and there’s been a lot of information regarding re-fluoridating the water there.

“My committee is meeting with the Director of the EPA, and I will be asking why fluoride from China is not being tested by the EPA or the FDA. That’s unacceptable. No chemical should be coming into our country that is going to be put into our water, without some U.S. agency testing it.”…

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