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Opponents, Parents Ask Tough Questions About Fluoride

Source: CBS-TV Atlanta | CBS Atlanta Anchor
Posted on May 26th, 2011
Location: United States, Georgia


ATLANTA — For more than 60 years, fluoride has been added to our drinking water to help prevent cavities. But recent studies suggest that some children are ingesting too much, and it’s causing permanent stains on their teeth.

The government is now considering whether to lower the recommended limit on fluoride in the water, but some opponents say that’s not enough. They claim fluoridation at any level just doesn’t make sense.Last spring, CBS Atlanta introduced you to Daniel Stockin, a health advocate for an organization called The Lillie Center. “Ingesting fluorides is like driving a Mack truck through a rose garden,” Stockin said.For more than a year, The Lillie Center has been educating people in Metro Atlanta about the potential dangers of fluoride. Stockin isn’t the only one who’s worried…