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Order of Dentists urges fluoridation

Source: CJAD News | June 1st, 2015 | By Trudie Mason
Location: Canada, Quebec

The Quebec Order of Dentists is blasting the provincial government for not advancing the cause of fluoridation of drinking water.

Just five communities in Quebec add the compound to their municipal water supplies.

In an editiorial in the Order’s publication, president Dr. Barry Dolman says Quebecers are being swayed by non-credible groups which spread unfounded concerns about adding fluoride to drinking water.

Public health officials say fluoridation could cut cavities by 40% in a province that sees 50% more dental decay than elsewhere in North America where adding fluoride to drinking water is common.

The Eau Secours! coalition is opposed to fluoridation and tells the Journal de Montreal that adding fluoride to drinking water is akin to prescribing a medication to everyone in the province.

It also feels fluoridation is a waste of money, as just 1% of tapwater is consumed by humans – the rest is used for cleaning and other tasks.