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Oregon approves Tektronix’s cleanup plan

Source: The Oregonian | July 27th, 2009
Industry type: Electronics Industry

Oregon environmental regulators have selected cleanup measures for soil and groundwater contamination on a portion of Tektronix’s Beaverton Campus.

Under the plan approved by Oregon’s Deparment of Environmental Quality, the company will spend more than $3 million to clean groundwater, cap contaminated soil along Beaverton Creek and monitor the property at 14200 SW Karl Braun Drive.

Beaverton Creek flows through the center of the site. The Tualatin Hills Nature Park is located less than a mile downstream.

Tektronix developed the site in 1957 to make electronic measurement, display and control equipment. Chemicals used at the site include volatile organic chemicals, metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, fluoride, acids and caustics, and polychlorinated biphenyls.

Before federal and state regulations for process wastes went into effect in the 1970s, Tektronix disposed accumulated treatment sludge to land in known locations on the property. The onsite process waste facility included waste tanks, unlined settling ponds and piping.

Releases of hazardous substances to soil, groundwater, surface water and sediment occurred as a result of spills and leaks and from the waste treatment facility and have been the subject of investigation and cleanup since the 1980s.