FOR the first 25 years after graduating from dental school, I promoted water fluoridation.

Over the past five years, I have once again looked at the science on both sides and it has been like a knee in the gut.

The science has turned against fluoridation and we must stop adding fluoride to water.

We no longer find a reduction in dental decay in fluoridated communities.

We are ingesting too much fluoride from many sources and that risks of ingesting fluoride are serious.

So why was I so wrong for 25 years. First, I believed my dental profession and didn’t look at the science myself.

Second, what I thought I saw as benefit from fluoride was due to socioeconomics.

If people want fluoride, they can swallow a pea size of toothpaste, which has the same amount of fluoride as one glass of water. But don’t do it because it is hazardous.

Fluoridation is one of the 20th century’s biggest blunders. So give people the freedom to say “No”.

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