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Othello: City discusses capital projects and Well No. 6

Source: The Othello Outlook | Publisher
Posted on November 13th, 2008


Water Fund – Drill and equipment for new Well No. 9 ($1,000,000). Electronic read meters ($50,000). Well No. 6 Water Quality Study ($50,000). Water Comprehensive Plan update ($10,000).

… According to Lindsey, approximately a quarter of the well’s water production comes from above the pump intake, above 780 feet below ground. A third of the production comes from an interval between 850 and 930 feet below ground. While the remainder comes from the deep zones, between about 1020 and 1080, or so. These are the screened intervals in the liner deep in the well.

With respect to fluoride; the deep zone generates water with approximately 5.3 to 5.4 ppm fluoride. Within the 850 to 930 interval, there is a very high fluoride contribution to the well from a zone or zones between 915 and 930. Above this zone(s) fluoride then decreases. The upper water, from above the pump intake is pretty low in fluoride. The total fluoride pumped in the well is 4.5-4.6 ppm.

“End result, remove the high fluoride production from about 915 – 930 feet, while this will reduce well flow by about one-third, it will generate water close to, and hopefully less than, the regulatory limit of 4 ppm fluoride,” stated Lindsey. “This will need to be run past Dept. of Health and Ecology for approval, and that has not been done yet.”

Next steps, write the report describing the results of the investigation, then the City will submit it to DOH for consultation and how to best move forward.

Any planned changes to Well No. 6 must meet the approval of the Washington Departments of Health (DOH) and Ecology (DOE). Prior to the final design, staff will meet with DOH and DOE to ensure compliance.

… The next regular Othello City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 24.