OTHELLO – The Othello City Council listened to a presentation concerning an effort to find the source of high fluoride levels in well number six Monday night.

The city contracted to have the well investigated last month to determine where the fluoride is originating from.

“In the end, they were unsuccessful in completing the work,” Alan Schroeder of Anderson Perry said.

The fluoride levels in the well are too high for drinking water standards. The well is only used for emergency situations when other wells break down. Well number six produces the highest water volume in the city, generating more than 3,000 gallons per minute.

Schroeder suggested a few options for the council to consider at the next council meeting.

He said different equipment can be put down the well to sample fluoride at different levels to attempt to find the contaminated water source. He said the process is not guaranteed.

Schroeder said the city can also seal off layers of the well with concrete until the fluoride levels are no longer at an unsafe level. Sealing off levels results in less water being produced per minute.

Mayor Shannon McKay said sealing off the fluoride source is necessary to make the well viable because right now the well is nearly useless and is not helping to promote growth.

He said either way, the well will be made viable for citizens.

A decision was not made during the meeting because it was a workshop. Council can only take action at a council meeting.