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Othello well change order approved

Source: Columbia Basin Herald | Herald staff writer
Posted on July 31st, 2008

Othello council unanimously approved an $84,304 change order for the well number 6 repair project Monday.

“After the well was removed, it was found that the well shaft was in poor condition and would have to be replaced,” Municipal Services Coordinator Jay Van Ness stated.

The change order is to replace the pipe columns, bearings and pays for installation labor, he noted.

The well is the largest in the city, capable of pumping up to 3,100 gallons of water per minute but it is only used during emergency situations during high consumption seasons.

Council began initiating repair of the well last year in an effort to make it a viable source of drinking water. The well has a high fluoride concentration that is too high for consumption.

Council contracted an engineer to determine where the fluoride source is so it can be blocked from entering the well. Two aquifers are believed to be commingling at the bottom of the well. Council must determine if the aquifers are commingling and then prevent it.

Once the peak-use season is over, the sources of the fluoride and the commingling of the two aquifers will be determined and blocked. Testing will begin in August or September.

The change order was approved in the consent agenda with no discussion.

Councilmember Marc Spohr was absent from the meeting.