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Our kids’ bodies contaminated with chemicals! (Part 4)

Source: ArabNews.com | November 19th, 2014 | By Mariam Alireza
Location: Saudi Arabia

Last week, I wrote about the flame retardant chemical, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, (PBDEs), in children’s wear, as well as phthalates in plastic water bottles, toys, and beauty care products. These articles are to make parents more aware of the chemically wrapped gifts offered to their children by the food, clothing, body care, and toy industries. Why did I choose to explore toxins and chemicals in modern children’s lives? That is because children are helpless, innocent, and more susceptible to contaminants than adults.

Before I continue to another poisoning chemical, I would like to add more information about the flame retardant PBDEs, which is found in children’s wear, upholstery, and carpets. I just found a disturbing piece of information. Certain soda and sports drinks like Mountain Dew and citrus flavored ones contain brominated vegetable oil (BVO), a toxic chemical of the same family. Scientific research found that BVO cumulatively hides in human tissues and mother’s milk, causing reproductive and behavorial disorders. Bromine disrupts the hormonal balance and suppresses the central nervous system function. By competing for the same receptors as iodine, it causes deficiency of the mineral and thus affecting thyroid function. While the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) turns a blind eye to such toxins, the European Union and Japan have already banned BVO and PBDEs. Now, I shall tackle the other toxins.

Many things made for children and in their environments like food, water, toys, furniture, and others have a variety of “concealed” toxins, dangerous for their bodies and brains. You may or may not know of them. I will try not to leave any surprises for you. Get ready for more shocking information, as you discover that you are not in control of your health, body, or life anymore. Derek Henry has exposed some toxins that seem innocent to you. Here they are:

One of these “hidden” poisons is the “seemingly innocuous” trace mineral, fluoride. It is not only added to toothpaste, but also to public drinking water systems, following the American example, and now in locally bottled drinking water in Saudi Arabia. It has become mandatory in the last several years in order to prevent tooth decay!!! The Saudi Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) are more concerned about children’s teeth than their health, thus imposing the addition of fluoride to bottled waters. This means that there is no other choice, but to drink fluoridated water. Are teeth more important to protect than people’s general health? We in this country consume a lot more water than other countries due to the desert climate.

What surprises me is that even water bottled specifically for infants contains fluoride, (in smaller amounts), which is again imposed by the SDFA. Do new-borns have teeth to be protected at this tender undeveloped age? What is fluoride protecting if babies have no teeth? I would like to have a reply to this question, though I am not optimistic about receiving one.

According to 34 studies done by the UNISEF and the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), as little as 0.88 mg per liter is linked to lower intelligence quotient (IQ), in humans. “Other studies link fluoride to learning and memory impairment, fetal brain damage and altered neurobehavioral function.” The level (88 mg/l) of fluoride is supposed to be within optimal range, but SFDA forget that we consume high amounts of water due the heat. Thus, our intake of fluoride becomes much higher, which leads to so much damage in humans.

While the US and Saudi Arabia continue to add fluoride to drinking water, European countries have chosen the safer way of banning the use of the mineral in drinking water, fearing its toxicity on the brain and health. I wonder why do we follow the American example and not the European standard? This angers me!

Fluoride comes with other damaging effects on other parts of the body including the thyroids and the reproductive system (read my earlier article: Say NO to Fluoride in Drinking Water, published February 7, 2009), causing infertility and reproductive problems. In the heat of our desert climate, we tend to drink more water than any other population elsewhere in the world. The injurious effect of fluoride is cumulative in the body and brain, especially foetuses and growing children, as well as young people in their reproductive years.

Little children also swallow toothpaste, which contains fluoride to protect their teeth from decay. Too much contact with the teeth, fluoride makes permanent discoloration on the teeth, which has been only seen in children in the last twenty years, since the addition of fluoride in toothpaste. We all see how children swallow water and toothpaste when they brush their teeth and shower, cumulatively poisoning their tiny little bodies. Can you stop them from doing so? No!

Fluoride is a TRACE mineral that is important to build stronger bones and teeth. That is why it is it is not available in many foods. Exceeding the tiny amounts could become toxic to both brain and body.

Unfortunately, the only bottled waters, which are fluoride-free, are certain foreign brands of imported bottled water. But then, they are 4 to 5 times the price of the locally bottled water, making water more expensive than gasoline. How many of us can afford such prices for simple drinking water?

Derek Henry suggests a solution to fluoride, heavy metal (lead, copper…), chlorine, and others. It is “installing a high-quality water filter,” but again it is still unaffordable to many and can be costly to the average family.

In my opinion an even better solution is to follow the example of the European Union and BAN THE ADDITION OF FLUORIDE IN DRINKING WATER. This does not require much effort, thinking, or studying in order to save health and wasted resources. It requires positive decision-making that is for the good of all.

Not only do we have to suffer the addition of fluoride to drinking water, our tap water is also loaded with chlorine that makes the eyes burn when washing the face or showering. Gargling becomes unbearable due to the terrible aftertaste of chlorine. Such harmful chemicals enter the body through the eyes, mouth, skin and other orifices. Tea brewed in tap water has a terrible taste, which led people to brew tea in bottled water.
Due to their smaller and growing bodies, undeveloped immune and detoxification systems, and the large amount of toxins around them, children can be more harmed by chemical toxicity than adults. They develop asthma and allergies; contract infectious diseases more easily; develop mental and learning disabilities; have fertility disorders; get childhood cancers; or live with permanent defects and damage.

The story does not end here. There is more to know about chemicals in children’s lives and it is important to become informed in order to become a smart human being and consumer. Your children deserve every bit of your protection, attention, and your time.

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