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Oxley: Gazette on-line fluoride poll

Source: Wauchope Gazette | March 16th, 2011
Location: Australia

THE Independent candidate for Oxley, Richard McGovern, says an on-line poll to gauge the public’s mood on fluoridation of the water supply was ‘the best democratic decision’ to make.

The candidate says the issue is far too important to push through. He is also concerned that fluoridation could take place before an elected candidate has the chance to hear what the community wants.

“If we don’t do something positive – that is, listen to what the community wants – then I fear the process may be too late,” he said.

“My idea is to give everyone a voice to at least halt the process until the election is over and then the elected candidate has the opportunity to take the community’s views onto the floor of the parliament.

“This entire process appears to be rushed with very little information available for residents to make a informed decision.

“What little information that is currently on the public record is very much split along pro- and anti- lines. Clearly more information is required so that all residents can make their decision.

“I believe ratepayers in our area should be given an opportunity to pose this very important question to a newly elected local council in 2012.

“As an Independent, my whole political philosophy revolves around having residents’ concerns raised within parliament or having their questions answered at the local level, and not in the party room in Sydney.

“If I am elected, this is the kind of community-based representation the Oxley electorate can expect.

“This is the best democratic decision we can make on this debate.”

Greens candidate, Jeremy Bradley, says referendums require overwhelming community support and rarely succeed.

“Banning fluoride simply requires a legal reason to do so,” he said.

“The Greens proposed Bill of Rights states that humans have “the right to ‘clean water”. If the Greens Bill is successful, legal challenges can be made to compulsory fluoridation of water supplies,” he said.

National Party candidate, Andrew Stoner, says the decision should be taken at the local government level.

“Fluoridation has always been a matter for local government to decide, however NSW Labor has disgracefully over-ridden the Council to foist it on our community.

“We will ensure a return to local democracy in 2012, with the elected councillors properly considering this issue via referendum as appropriate,” he said.

To cast your views on moves to fluoridate the water supply go to http://www.wauchopegazette.com.au /polls/