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Ozark Voters Reject Fluoridation

Source: Springfield News-Leader | November 8th, 2000 | By Mike Penprase
Location: United States, Missouri

If Ozark aldermen follow the results of Tuesday?s nonbinding vote on fluoridation, the chemical won?t be added to the city?s water supply.

With 5 of 5 precincts involved in the election reporting, the final unofficial vote was:

Yes 1,925
No 2,818

As the deciding votes from the West Finley precinct were tallied just after midnight, several fluoridation foes congratulated each other.

?We should go out and have a drink … of water,? Susi Meredith joked.

Despite the results, Alderman Dan Earnest said fluoridation eventually will happen in Ozark.

?It?s one of those things that?s going to happen. It just takes time,? he said.

Mayor Roger Fortner said the board should follow the election results. ?I know for me, I?d rather go with the vote (that) the people want,? he said.

Anti-fluoride advocates felt so strongly about the issue, they ignored rain and sleet to hand out information near polling places Tuesday.