There’s something in the water that’s getting people complaining to their local councils: fluoride.

It’s the hottest topic in public submissions made over the Palmerston North District Council’s annual plan.

Most submitters on the issue want the chemical compound taken out of their water.

Their council’s one of the 23 that’s followed Government recommendations to put fluoride in water to prevent people from getting tooth decay.

The coordinator of the Fluoride Action Network, Mary Byrne, says people are starting to realise fluoride in the water sparks arthritis and thyroid problems.

“It’s obviously not common sense to put a medicine in the drinking water because the only thing that you can control there is how much goes in. You can’t control how much people drink and what their reaction is to it.”

She says the Government is scared to backtrack on it’s longstanding push to put fluoride in the water.

“If they were to say that they were wrong, then everyone’s going to go ‘did you cause them to get arthritis?’, ‘has it lowered children’s IQ?’, ‘what about all those people with hyper thyroidism?’.”