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Peace River to temporarily discontinue fluoridation

Source: The Record-Gazette | February 29th, 2012
Location: Canada, Alberta

Beginning on March 30, the Town of Peace River will temporarily discontinue the use of fluoride until the summer of 2013, when the upgrade on the Water Treatment Plant will be complete.

The application of the design of the upgrade had always involved the temporary suspension of fluoride addition to the drinking water during Phase 2, as it is necessary to dismantle the fluoride equipment and remove the floor in the fluoride room.

Other areas of the plant were assessed to temporarily host the fluoridation equipment, but due to safety reasons this is not possible.

The upgraded plant will include a fluoridation system that meets new provincial requirements and the Town expects that work will be completed on the plant in the summer of 2013.

For further information on fluoride, please contact Environmental Health on (780) 618 3453.