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PHE dept to install portable water filters in Supebeda

Source: The Pioneer | May 29th, 2019 | By Ankit Mishra
Location: India

State government is working on a project to install portable water-filters in the taps and wells at Supebeda village to ensure that the villagers get quality drinking water.

“We are working on a project under which portable water-filters will be installed in the water-supply taps in Supebeda and nearby villages. These manual filters will not require electricity to function,” Public Health and Engineering (PHE) Minister Guru Rudra Kumar told The Pioneer on Tuesday.

According to the minister, his department was ready with the project but as the election model code of conduct was in force, it could not be implemented.

“We will soon float tenders and select the company whose products suit our requirement,” he added.

He reminded that the PHE department is working on a project to supply water from nearby Tel River to the residents of Supebeda.

“We have already made the required budgetary provisions in our state budget for the construction of intake well at the Tel River,” he said.

However, the project will take about one year to complete.

Notably, Supebeda is infamous for deaths due to reported kidney failures. According to locals, since 2005, 103 persons have lost their lives due to renal failures.

However, state health department says that since 2008, only 68 people have died in Supebeda whose creatinine level was high. But, the department has refused to accept that kidney failure was the reason for these deaths as creatinine level may shoot up due to several reasons.

Meanwhile, tests conducted by different agencies of the state government reported that fluoride and arsenic content was higher in the water. The level of cadmium, chromium, cobalt and nickel was also detected high from normal parameters in the soil of the village.

Health department has set up a dialysis center in nearby Devbhog town but, residents of Supebeda and nearby villages who are suffering from renal trouble are not visiting the center, as they allege that the dialysis facility is not functioning.

The PHE department has installed arsenic and fluoride filter plants but due to power shortage villagers complaint that they are getting insufficient water supply.

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