The deadline for ballots to be returned to the Greater Pine Island Water Association concerning whether or not residents want the fluoride level to be increased to 0.7 ppm is this week.

President Mike Faulkner said the ballots must be returned to the water company by 3 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 6. He said the ballots can be hand delivered to the water company.

In order for the ballot to be counted, it must be signed by a member on record as listed on the attached mailing label. The ballot can only be signed by one member of the household.

The counting of the ballots will begin Dec. 6 and finish the following day, by the ballot committee, which is the same group of individuals that GPIWA uses for the election of new board members.

The committee will match the signature with the outside label and count the certified ballots to provide a number of those for and against adding fluoride to the water for the board.

Faulkner said the results will be announced Dec. 11 at 3 p.m. at the Pine Island United Methodist Church.

The ballot was sent out Nov. 9 to 5,840 members.