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Pine Island: GPIWA board to let membership vote on fluoride issue

Source: Pine Island Eagle | October 10th, 2012
Location: United States, Florida

The Board of Directors of The Greater Pine Island Water Association Inc. has decided to hold a vote of its membership in order to determine their opinion on their plans to increase the existing fluoride level of the greater Pine Island water supply to the optimal level recommended by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. (0.7 parts per million)

The board has further decided to delay the decision of increasing fluoride pending the vote.

Mike Faulkner, GPIWA Board President, noted, “Our board’s vote to fluoridate in May came after a good deal of study and was unanimous. We felt strongly that it was beneficial, safe and the right thing to do. We still feel that way. But we have received feedback pro and con about our decision, so our board wants to give all of our members an opportunity to weigh in on this question.

“Our counsel has advised us that the upcoming referendum cannot be binding. However, our board will vote again about fluoridation after the community has voted, and I fully expect that our board will vote in accordance with those results,” he continued. “So, I would encourage each and every member of our water association to take the time to let us know your opinion by responding to the ballot that we will send out.”