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Plainview: Resolution to Put Fluoridation on Nov. 4 Ballot

Source: Plainview News | Locals on ticket for November | Editor of the News
Posted on September 17th, 2008
Location: United States, Nebraska


Included in this issue of The Plainview News is the “Notice of General Election” for Pierce County, including the City of Plainview.

Special on the ballot for Plainview residents this year at the November 4 General Election are a few positions and decisions including:*

The choice to opt-out of the State-mandated fluoridation of the City water supply;

… The special fluoridation vote that will be presented to the City of Plainview residents includes language as follows:

“Shall the City of Plainview, Nebraska, adopt an ordinance to prohibit the addition of fluoride to the City’s water system?”* Yes (to prohibit fluoridation)* No (against prohibition of fluoride)

Much discussion has taken place on the nature of this ballot item concerning the language used to determine the vote. Some citizens have voiced concern at City Council meetings mentioning that the “option to prohibit fluoridation” with a “yes” vote may be confusing to some.

The nature of the vote is written as it is because the State has mandated the fluoridation of all Cities. Effectively, the vote of the people is to either opt-out of that mandate, or to allow the mandate to take effect.

It is described as such on the ballot with the question revolving around the prohibition of fluoride, rather than the addition of fluoride. A “yes” vote allows for the prohibition of fluoride to the water system, essentially, an affirmative vote for a negative action. On the flipside, a “no” vote, against the prohibition of the mandate allows the State law to take effect in Plainview.