… The community was reminded that the board of selectmen will hold a public hearing on Feb. 12 at 6:30 p.m. to further discuss Keno, giving residents another opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what Keno could mean for Plaistow.

The public hearing will also discuss the creation of Cemetery Special Revenue.

Keith Pratt, President of Underwood Engineers, also gave a presentation with details about converting the fire suppression water system to a potable water and fire suppression water system.

He said that this is a unique opportunity for Plaistow and potentially the best time to connect to a regional pipeline because the state is offering significant grant funding, covering the cost of bringing the system to Plaistow nearly 100 percent.

Residents discussed the quality of the water from the regional system versus the quality of water of private wells. One resident questioned whether or not the water will have fluoride.

Pratt said that while the water from the regional system will most likely come from a water supply in Manchester, which does have fluoride, he assured voters that the water passes all state and federal standards.

Plaistow Town Manager Mark Pearson said that Manchester’s water quality is ranked sixth best in the country.

Residents have the opportunity to vote on all warrant articles in March at the Town Meeting.

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