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Plant City commissioners will meet Jan. 25 to discuss fluoridation

Source: Newsletter from: Children | January 7th, 2010
Location: United States, Florida

Newsletter dated 12/17/09

The Plant City ‘City Commissioners meeting’ will meet on Monday, Jan. 25 at 7:30pm to discuss the need for water fluoridation. They will ask for input from people in attendance. We need to be ready to state fluoridation facts and give stories about dental disease in that population. The more the merrier. There is more than 50 years of overwhelming scientific evidence to prove the effectiveness of water fluoridation. Water fluoridation is a very effective method for preventing dental decay for children, adolescents, adults, elderly and the disabled. I think if the families in Plant City knew they did not have optimal levels of fluoride in their water (like the rest of Hillsborough public water systems do) they would advocate for their community to start water fluoridation. We welcome everyone to help advocate for this public health initiative for Plant City residents. Dr. Charlie Cervenay, Suncoast dental director, will be there to present his findings on Jan. 25 to the city commissioners. The statistics speak for the economically disadvantaged families whose kids qualify for Head Start. They are a good comparison of similar populations (a convenient sample population but none the less similar demographics). Check out the www.ADA.org/goto/fluouride [sic] website [ http://www.ada.org/public/topics/fluoride/index.asp ] for more facts on water fluoridation.