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Plattsburgh: Fluoridation vote delayed

Source: The Press Republican | Staff Writer
Posted on September 24th, 2009
Location: United States, New York

PLATTSBURGH — After debating whether to continue fluoridating the City of Plattsburgh’s water supply for nine months, councilors almost made a decision Thursday night.


But in the end, councilors agreed to take up the issue and vote on it at the Nov. 19 meeting, to put an end to the debate one way or another.

“There might be some more information we can get from the Health Department, and that will help us make a more informed decision,” said Councilor Amy Valentine (D-Ward 5), who offered to hold off until November.

The issue has been discussed on the council floor on several occasions since last December.

The city has been fluoridating its water supply for about 50 years.

But opponents of the additive say it can be harmful, causing numerous health problems.

Supporters of fluoride say it is not harmful and helps prevent tooth decay.

Councilor James Calnon (I-Ward 5) offered a resolution to cease the addition of fluoride to the water supply.

He said the issue has been debated enough and needs to be decided.

“It’s got to get done sooner or later, and I’d like it to be in my term.”

Valentine argued that there is still more information to absorb before voting.

Mayor Donald Kasprzak urged councilors to vote on the issue right away.

“Quite frankly, I’ve had enough of this issue, and I’ve heard enough from both sides. We’ve got work to do on our budget and other important issues to deal with, and we’ve spent nine months on this, and I don’t think we need another two or three weeks.”

Councilors voted 5-1 to postpone the vote until Nov. 19, with only Chris Jackson (D-Ward 6) voting against the delay.