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Podcast Episode #74: Are You Being Fluoride Shamed At The Dentist?

Ask The Dentist | December 13, 2022 | By Mark Burhenne
Posted on December 14th, 2022
Location: United States, National

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in various environments, including the earth, soil, air, and water. Fluoride is a mineral added to toothpaste and dental rinses to help prevent tooth decay. Individuals concerned about the use of fluoride for brushing their teeth should speak with their dentist; nevertheless, some practitioners believe that fluoride is not a cause for concern.

As a result of its introduction to public water supplies during the second half of the 20th century, nearly 75 percent of US water supplies contain fluoride. Even though its purported ability to prevent cavities, little to no research has been done to support this claim.

Dr. Burhenne discusses why fluoride is bad, why it should not be in our water, and why dentists should not offer it in any products.

A leading concern for fluoride use includes the potential for it to cause fluorosis, which is a condition that can cause discoloration and weakening of the teeth, and the possibility that fluoride may have other adverse effects on the body.

Listen in as he explains the harmful effects of fluoride on our bodies, which is extremely toxic to us, even as adults. Towards the end of the episode Dr. B offers a fluoride alternative that you will want to stick around for to learn more about.

Each episode addresses a reader’s question through the lens of Dr. B’s root cause and evidence-based approach to dental health and dentistry.


Fluoride has a harmful impact on both newborn and adult brains.

There is a significant gap between what the professional curriculum now teaches and recent discoveries on fluoride and its alternatives.

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