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Poisoned Horses: Fluoride debate continues

Source: Baltimore Post-Examiner | August 18th, 2012 | By Cathy Justus

Dear Editor,

I am Cathy Justus from Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  I have the sad distinction of owning the first horses to ever be diagnosed with “chronic fluoride poisoning” from artificially fluoridated municipal water.  I have this distinction not because it hasn’t been happening for years all over this world, but because vets, like doctors and dentists are not taught in their schooling the science, toxicology, and biochemistry of fluoride and what it does to the body. I know of this lack of training of proven science because I have made it a point, over the last 25 years, to talk to hundreds of these professionals.   We have now lost eight horses and four dogs to this virulent cumulative toxin. This was scientifically proven by the world’s authority on fluoride poisoning at Cornell University in New York.

I come from a whole different perspective than you have heard from those speaking about fluoride.  I watched and lived the hell of my beloved animals getting progressively sicker and ultimately dying as others are doing with their animals, their friends and their family without these so called experts knowing why. The difference is that I have a background in knowing the science behind this toxin.   Despite the science, and truth, behind fluoride poisoning, I could not get our water municipality to acknowledge the growing amount of proven, damning science against fluoride consumption from 1985 until 2005. It was at that point that they knew, from the scientific proof I provided about our horses, that either they stop this mass medication without consent, or there would be a class action lawsuit.

There have been many lives lost and are being lost to the very same ills our animals succumbed to.  Vets, like doctors, just diagnose the symptoms and then treat these symptoms instead of looking for the cause.  Until the symptoms are addressed, the symptoms will progress .The ills caused by fluoride consumption is a very lucrative business practice and when approached with the truth, like I did with the eight vets who were consulted, these medical professionals get bent out of shape and say, “We are the experts”, period.  How can a person be an expert when the truth about a subject was never taught to them nor have they ever done their due diligence to find the truth? A perfect quote that fits this situation is It is hard to convince someone of something when their income depends on them not believing it.”

To add to that quote, And when their job standings depends on them not believing it which is the case with the Public Health Authorities. CDC and EPA. Both these quotes are, I have found, the case, with not only most dentists, doctors and veterinarians but also the ADA, AMA, CDC, U.S. Public Health Service, and the EPA.  They promote whatever will benefit them, whether or not it is scientific or ethical.  Look at the science.  The facts plainly reveal this.

In fact between 2003 and 2006 the EPA commissioned the National Research Council, the highest scientific group in the U.S., to review the recent science on fluoride.  There were 12 scientists from around the world on this distinguished panel, 3 of which I have personally talked to and have corresponded with quite a bit.  The amount of damning science this panel of scientists found against fluoride was unbelievable, including 23 recent studies showing fluoride consumption reduces I.Q.  This review has been published into a 507 page book called “Fluoride In Drinking Water, A Scientific Review Of EPA’s Standards” available through The National Academy Press www.nap.edu in Washington, D.C.

I have studied both sides of this issue.  In the beginning when I had narrowed my horse’s ills down to beginning when fluoridation began, I didn’t want fluoridation to be the culprit.  I knew that it would be harder to stop fluoridation than to change feed or any other causative agent.  So I studied the pro side of fluoridation trying to convince myself it wasn’t the fluoride causing the progression of my animals ills.  In a very short time it was very obvious that a deception was being promulgated onto the public.

I also studied old science from back in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 1970s that was in my Dad’s medical library.  I purchased the books “Fluoride The Aging Factor”, “Fluoride, The Great Dilemma”, “Fluoridation, Drinking Ourselves to Death”, and read through websites like  www.FluorideAction.net, www.slweb.org and the peer reviewed manuscripts in FLUORIDE The Quarterly Journal of the International Society For Fluoride Research which reiterated the old science

I had read and furthered this damning information of fluoridation. When the book “The Fluoride Deception” came out, my suspicions were proven time and time again as I read this book, which was full of fluoride science, truth, and proven recently declassified top-secret government documentation. One third of this book is documented science and history. The ills described paralleling those my horses were showing were too similar to ignore.  Now there is a new book, “The Case Against Fluoride” How Hazardous Waste Ended Up In Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There” by Dr. Paul Connett, et al, that has all the recent science backing this title and what I am saying with researchable references.

I was raised to be independent of the good or bad opinions of others, to listen and to then do my own research and come to my own conclusion.  I was also taught to never be swayed by other’s words and especially when there is the possibility of these others to profit from what they say and promote.

My favorite quote is, “You simply must not ignore the facts because of your preconceived notions” Dr. Max Gerson.  By saying something over and over and saying it with authority, like the USPHS, CDC, EPA, ADA, etc. have for over 60 years about fluoride’s safety and efficiency, does not make what they say true, nor does it change the fluoride damning true science proven in over 60,000 world wide independent research studies.  These so called self- proclaimed experts just count on you not doing your due diligence and taking their word as the gospel.  These agencies promote and market fluoridation disregarding the importance of FDA drug regulatory approval being totally missing and the fact that there are no scientific safety studies that have been done in the case of the fluoridation product.

They disregard this lack of FDA approval, which shows their lack of concern to protect the public.  No high quality studies are ever provided by them to support their claims of either safety or efficiency because there are none.  They just count on you depending on their letters after their names as proof of their knowledge.

Our water municipality started fluoridating in 1985.  Up until that time our animals were well.  When fluoridation started, all our horses and dogs started getting many and varied ailments that seemed to have no connection to each other.  We ultimately had 8 veterinarians, two of which were at Colorado State University when we took two mares there, tell us they had no idea what was causing these ailments nor why they were being added to and getting progressively worse as time went on. They were confused but eager to get paid to treat these many and varied symptoms.

We moved to Pagosa Springs in 1978 from Fallbrook, Calif, knowing that the clean air and water would be a great place to raise our Quarter Horses.  And it was a perfect place for that until fluoridation started.  As an important point, we are just below the source of our water, the Continental Divide, San Juan Mountains.  This water is considered one of the top 3 cleanest in the U.S. without contaminants and then they started adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to artificially  fluoridate it and the ills in our town started and grew over the years, not just in animals but humans too.  The amount of heart attacks, arterialsclerosis, cancer, thyroid problems, dental fluorosis, kidney problems, etc., became rampant in humans and animals.

The first symptom to manifest in our horses was chronic colics. Fluoride ingestion has been shown through proven science to change hydrochloric acid, meant to help digestion, into hydrofluoric acid, which can eat the stomach lining and cause such problems as acid reflux, digestive problems and ulcers.  Colic in horses is deadly and is the number one killer of horses in America.  Being well over 65% of America is fluoridated, no wonder this ailment is so rampant in horses.  Colic would strike any of our horses at any time and this happened often.  This symptom continued until we started hauling clean, unprocessed river water in 2004.

That was the only change to bring upon this ceasing of colic.  We have not had a single colic since.  And didn’t have a single colic before 1985 when fluoridation began.  Every horse we purchased during fluoridation, that we boarded or that was raised here, became sick.  The symptoms were many and varied.

Here are just a few.  Colic, cancer, skeletal problems, osteoporosis, muscles and ligaments hardening, skin allergy, reproductive problems, deformed fetus’, abortions, thyroid problems, abscesses, head shaking, neurological problems and seizures, hormone problems, malocclusion of teeth, dental fluorosis, gum recession, teeth chipping and breaking, kidney problems, equine metabolic syndrome, laminitis, malformation of hooves, Cushing’s disease, chronic coughing and lung problems, early onset of puberty, Alzheimer’s, bone spurs, arthritis, heart attacks, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on.

Take a look at many of these symptoms from the human perspective and see just how many of these ailments have been multiplying in incidence in humans over the last 60 years since fluoridation started, without the so called experts being able to tell what is causing them.  They just keep dispensing drugs and doing surgery, two very lucrative actions.  And when a patient dies they name the symptom and just move on to the next patient.  Fluoridation has a very good record of producing these patients.

In the fall of 2004 we lost yet another mare.  One of the two that had been taken to Colorado State University.  It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I had done my due diligence researching the possible causes for these ills but nothing but one thing, fluoride, had been proven to cause them all.  Up until this time, it was my theory that fluoride was the culprit, after years of intense research on my own.   My many years of research of some of the over 60,000 world wide independent scientific research studies had brought me to this conclusion.

I was able to contact Dr. Lennart Krook, DVM, PhD., Emeritus, from Cornell University in New York.  He was well known as the world’s authority on fluoride poisoning in animals.  I told him the many and varied symptoms my horses had and he said that all had been scientifically proven to be caused by fluoride but he would not give me a diagnosis without scientific proof.  He said he needed bones and teeth.  You can see the resulting necropsy and tooth report in color here.  Dr. Krook said the ills and deaths caused by fluoride consumption by my horses and others in our town shows that “Horses are like the canaries in the mines.”

 What showed up in them over the years of fluoridation in our town, is manifesting in humans too, just slower because horses drink so much more water in a much shorter time frame.  This poisoning of humans is also mirroring my horses in the sooner manifestation of ills with each generation.  Look at the children with arthritis, cancer, early onset of puberty, kidney problems, etc. When I was young I knew no young person with these problems.  Now it is rampant.  There are even hospitals just for children with cancer and other diseases like these.  I know fluoride is not the only cause of these many diseases in humans, but fluoride is the number one most consumed and absorbed toxin.  That puts it at the top of the heap for damage done.

A small part of my fluoride horse hell, up until 2006, is told in the documentary DVD “Poisoned Horses.” It can be purchased from the International Academy For Oral Medicine and Toxicology.  8297 ChamionsGate Blvd, Ste.193, ChampionsGate, FL 33896.  (863)420-6373.  I would also suggest their two DVDs with multiple documentaries about fluoride toxicity with interviews of scientific research experts called “Let The Truth Be Told” volumes 1 and 2.

The DVD called “Professional Perspectives” can be purchased from www.fluorideAction.net  It contains interviews from many fluoride scientists including 4 that were on the National Research Council’s 3 plus year review of the recent science on fluoride that the EPA commissioned.  The EPA has pretty much ignored the recent science this NRC review produced and their recommendations.   Why?  It didn’t reveal what the EPA wanted. The results didn’t support their many years of promotion of fluoridation, which puts them squarely in line for litigation along with the whole chain of command down the line directly to commissioners and the water municipalities.

Of course the story didn’t end when fluoridation ended in Pagosa Springs.  Just before the documentary, Poisoned Horses, was released we lost Skipper.  This is told at the end of this documentary.  What isn’t told is that Skipper had huge cancerous tumors in his lungs, and his kidneys were full of cancer.  According to the California EPA there is enough arsenic in the product used to artificially fluoridate municipal water, sodium fluorosilicates, to kill people of lung, kidney, and bladder.  Skipper had two of these cancers.  He was only 9 years old.

The two surgeons and pathologist who did the necropsy said the kind of cancer he had was very slow growing and, no doubt, had started by the time he was a yearling.  He was born in 1999.  Skipper was second-generation consuming fluoridated water so his fluoride caused ills came sooner and in fact he was born with many.  Look at the children with the above mentioned ills these days.  Why?  Could it be from the consumption and absorption of fluoride, well known in true science as a very potent poison?  Could it be that we are now several generations post the start of fluoridation so the toxicity is greater and this is the main reason America is getting sicker?  Fluoride is the number one most consumed toxin, far and above any other toxins since fluoridation started 60 years ago and it is not just in many water systems but also in foods and pesticides and Teflon cooking pans, etc.

Go to the site “Fluoride In The National Food Supply” and add up a typical days menu.  Then tell me that you find it necessary to put fluoride into the municipal water to bring the general public’s ingestion of fluoride up to the “so called optimal” 1 ppm.  We are already being overdosed with fluoride through processed food, beverages, etc.

Follow the money to be made from illness caused by fluoride consumption.  Follow the money to be saved by the fluoride polluting industries that produce this toxic waste they call a “toxic soup”, by convincing you to put it into our municipal water and letting us and our beloved animals carry it to their early graves and slowly but surely polluting the environment.   It would cost these industries over $7,000.00 a truckload to dispose of this same toxic waste at an A1 toxic dump for the worst of the worst toxins.  Instead they, I have no doubt, pay lobbyists, the ADA, the CDC, the Health Departments and the EPA lawmakers to promote it and they get help by these agencies miss placed authority given them by those who would believe their lies. And at the same time saving the fluoride polluting industries billions of dollars in disposal costs.

Fluoridation has been touted by many agencies as “one of the top 10 health care advances in the 20th century”.  One should note that this quote was written by a dentist, who will benefit monetarily from this practice from the damage done to teeth and gums. His co author was an environmentalist .  Neither of these people are scientists.  Neither of these people had ever written a scientific paper ever before, and this paper was never peer reviewed.  This quote has no validity other than saying these two people’s personal opinion.  Despite this, the so-called authorities, all of which benefit monetarily for the promotion of fluoride, have taken this statement and repeated it time and time again as the gospel and scientific truth by using the promotional advertising practice of saying it with authority will make everyone believe it and eventually make what they say fact, whether proven or not.

The Federal government has never appointed a tracking agency to gather and report fluoride consumption’s side effects, like it has for all other drugs.  Why is this?  So the detrimental effects must be searched out.  The ADA, CDC, EPA, USPHS have used the ridiculous lie that, if you don’t look, you won’t see, and therefore the science doesn’t exist. The say the antis have no science to back up their warnings.  Yet another lie.  Plus the amount of fluoride consumed by each individual cannot be regulated by it being put into the water systems. This fact is a “no brainer”.   These agencies don’t expect you to think about this either.  There will be those, like babies, who will drink far more liquid in comparison to their body weight. And those with renal problems, such as diabetics and those with heart problems and the elderly, whose kidneys cannot filter out up to 50% of the fluoride consumed as healthy people can.

In 2010, in February, we lost Skipper’s full brother, Win, to a massive heart attack.  Yes fluoride has been proven many times over to cause heart and artery damage and arterialsclerosis, the number one killer in the U.S.  He was only 12 years old.  He too was second-generation drinking artificially fluoridated drinking water.  He too, like Skipper was born with physical problems caused by fluoride absorbed during gestation from his mother’s consumption of artificially fluoridated water.  Win was born in 1998.

While his dam was nursing Win, Skipper was being gestated.  So their dam was drinking up to twice the amount of fluoridated water to nurse Win while Skipper was being gestated.  Fluoride has been proven to not go into the milk but it does pass through the placental barrier, so Skipper was getting a huge amount of fluoride deposited into his bones and system before he was even born.  No wonder his health was worse when he was born and he died earlier than Win.

Win had also developed Fibromyalgia from the poisoning by the toxins in the fluoride product.  We found a vet who specialized in toxins who found not only fluoride toxicity but also arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, and even radio-active poisoning in Win’s system. The industries that produce the fluoridation product call this product they send you to artificially fluoridate municipal water a “toxic soup” because it contains all these carcinogens.

This product is only between 17% and 23% fluoride.  The rest consists of the toxins mentioned above.  The radio-activity and other toxins comes from the phosphate rock dug up for phosphate fertilizer.  This very same phosphate rock is dug up for radio-active uranium too.  This toxic soup is then sent to water municipalities for a cheap source of fluoride and these industries don’t have to spend the billions of dollars it would cost them to dispose of this unwanted and non usable toxic soup. Instead they pay off officials and self -appointed experts who gain monetarily from the ailments caused, money hungry to promote and convince water municipalities to put this poison in the water.  When water is fluoridated, we all get to carry it to our early graves with most people’s last years being plagued with ill health.  Again, follow the money. Who is profiting?  Those who promote fluoridation.

Recently, since hurricane  Katrina knocked out many of the phosphate industries, the fluoride product being used in a lot of  U.S. communities is now coming from China.  This now puts fluoridating with this product in a whole new problem of being a National Security issue.  No one in their right mind would allow any other country access to their water systems, especially a country that we are not in very good terms with and has a track record of sending us products tainted with toxins.  Recently there was a scientific group in Boulder, Colorado who did research on this imported fluoride product and they found ingredients in it that they still don’t know what they are. And this is being put in our drinking water?  Where has common sense gone?

I think here is where I need to tell you how fluoride is capable of doing such a hugely diverse amount of damage to the body.  Fluoride research in true science, not arguable by either side of this issue, reveals that fluoride is just slightly less poisonous than arsenic and more poisonous than lead and cumulative like lead.  It is a systemic poison, disturbing and changing mechanisms of the body at the very core of life.   It has been scientifically proven that fluoride changes the DNA by breaking it’s protein bonds. Fluoride changes the mineralization system, known as the collagen system that is supposed to know to keep the skin soft and the bones hard. It pulls calciumapetite (calcium) out of the bones and teeth and replaces with fluoroapetite (fluoride) making the bones harder and more crystalline, therefore being more likely to break.  Look at the hip fracture rate in the U.S.  With the calcium replaced by fluoride in the bones, the body needs to put it somewhere so it finds places like the veins and arteries (cholesterol and hardening of the arteries), kidneys and bladder (as stones), cartilage (arthritis) and so on.  All these problems are increasing in the U.S. including in children.

Fluoride kills enzymes and changes their shapes so they don’t fit into their receptors.  Enzymes are needed to catalyze every metabolic system and function in the body.  The easiest to see outward sign of this enzyme disruption is dental fluorosis, the mottling of the teeth.  This happens when the fluoride is consumed during the time of the tooth bud’s formation.   This disturbance, changing of shape and killing of these tooth forming enzymes results in the dental mottling, brittleness and malocclusion of teeth when they erupt.  For the USPHS, ADA, CDC, EPA to say this is merely a cosmetic effect shows their ignorance and ignoring of the science that has proved this biological action of fluoride. Dental fluorosis is the outward showing of a systemic poisoning of the whole body, not just the teeth.  In the U.S., the CDC has now said that 41% of 12 to 15 year olds has dental fluorosis.

When anything is consumed, it has side effects.  This is very clear in any of the commercials seen today about drugs.  Fluoride also displaces iodine needed for the thyroid to make thyroxin that regulates many of the body’s systems and hormones. And the list goes on of the biological disturbances that fluoride consumption and accumulation has been proven scientifically to cause.  Being fluoride is a systemic toxin, disturbing at the very core systems of life, it can cause virtually any chronic degenerative disease depending the individual’s inherent weakness.  Just these mentioned above disturbed mechanisms alone are, I would think, enough to stop fluoridation.

But if you don’t see or find the science, the science doesn’t exist seems to be the working orders for these organizations that push the practice of fluoridation. Or in other words, don’t look for the science and it won’t exist and you can honestly say so.  This has been proven time and time again in legal cases and the so called experts have been made to look like idiots because of this lack of real proven science to support their “endorcements.” When asked to openly debate with those who know the proven science, these so called experts will refuse to show up for this reason.  They know nothing of what they say they know.  And remember, endorcements are not science.  They are merely opinions by those whose job and or income depend on what they say.

We have been asked, if fluoridation stopped in 2005 and we started hauling clean un-processed river water in 2004, why are our horses are still sick and dying?  Common sense and a little research would explain that fluoride is a cumulative toxin.  It accumulates in the bones.  Bone cell turn over is the slowest and can take many, many years for these poisoned cells and accumulation of fluoride to release.  While at the same time, as long as this toxin is in your body it is progressively poisoning you system.  Fluoride poisons going in, poisons while trapped in your bones and poisoning when released during cell turn over.

We only have two horses left that had consumed the artificially fluoridated water.  One is the gelding that developed the crooked pasturn (front leg) shown in the Poisoned Horses DVD.  He had a chronic cough while he consumed fluoridated water, besides having chronic colic.  The coughs have almost completely stopped now.  The colics stopped when he didn’t drink the fluoridated water anymore.

He has had what most would call Alzheimer’s in humans, and has for many, many years.  He didn’t remember where he ate everyday among other things.  It was sad but this symptom is slowly improving since his consumption of fluoridated water ceased 7 years ago.  The other horse is the sorrel mare that had the weird allergy bumps all over her body shown in the DVD, Poisoned Horses.  We have bred her three times to two different stallions.  She has conceived all three times.

By 60 days she has lost the babies.  She is only 10 years old now.  She also still has thyroid problems caused by her fluoride consumption.  Both of these horses have dental fluorosis and gum recession. The gum recession is caused by the shrinking of the alveolar bone, the bone that the teeth hook into, which shrinks when fluoride is deposited into it through fluoride’s accumulation and the gums are pulled up with this bone shrinkage.  The incidence of gum disease and gum recession is yet another growing problem in the U.S. population.

The horses we have purchased since we started hauling clean river water in 2004 and when fluoridation ceased in 2005 have remained healthy without a single ailment that all the others had manifested.  Never allowing them to consume artificially fluoridated water is the only thing that has been changed since then.  We are feeding the same feed and the same supplements.

And then there is the issue of pollution.

The very product, hydrofluosilicic acid, if it gets spilled into the air, land, ocean or waterways, is considered by the EPA a toxic waste very hazardous product and must have people in hazmat suits called in to clean it up immediately.  Yet when this very same hazardous waste is put into our municipal water, it suddenly becomes a product that is good for us.  This is an impossibility, yet most have been convinced by the mantra, “safe and effective and good for your teeth” by 60 years of this being said.  I ask that you go here and see the hydrofluorosilic acid used to fluoridate municipal water eating through the concrete and they still say it’s safe.  And remember that 99% plus of this toxin put into the municipal water goes into the environment through household use, flushing toilets, showering, watering lawns, etc., slowly accumulating and poisoning our earth and all that inhabits it.

There have now been an editorial and two “peer reviewed scientific research manuscripts” written on our horses.  They can be seen in the Journal FLUORIDE, The Quarterly Journal of The International Society For Fluoride Research. .  This scientific journal is well known as the “fluoride bible.”  It is titled “Failure To Diagnose Fluoride Poisoning In Horses Caused By Water Fluoridation.”

The first peer reviewed manuscript is “Fluoride Poisoning Of Horses From Artificially Fluoridated Drinking Water.”  The second peer reviewed manuscript is entitled “Allergy In Horses From Artificially Fluoridated Water.” I would suggest you log onto this site and read many of the hundreds of peer reviewed scientific manuscripts from around the world on fluoride’s toxicity.

Many of these peer-reviewed  manuscripts from this journal were referenced in the fluoride review of recent research by the National Research Council, the highest scientific group in the US, for their 3 plus year review of fluoride.    Again, this NRC review by 12 world wide prestigious experts in the science of fluoride has been ignored by the EPA who commissioned this review.  Why?  No doubt because this review didn’t find the benign findings about fluoride that previous biased government reviews did.  Follow the money.  This is the first review that had a very diverse panel of 12 scientists who had the expertise and knowledge to look at, and scientifically review the recent science on fluoride in an honest, nonbiased way.  They also found credible science that shows fluoride damages the endocrine system, including the thyroid, causes osteoporosis, arthritis and cancer.

All these are ailments that manifested in my horses and are increasing significantly across the US in humans.  They also found very vulnerable subsets of the population to fluoride consumption like the elderly, the young, those with diabetes, and kidney malfunction and those who have immune system dysfunction and those who have mineral imbalances.  The so called experts pushing this stupidity of fluoridation never take these subsets into consideration nor the rest of the bodily systems that fluoride harms.  By what they say, they seem to think we are just big mouths full of teeth and nothing else…

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