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Port Angeles might get new mayor tonight

Source: KONP NEWSRADIO AM 1450 | January 6th, 2016

The Port Angeles city council could select a new mayor for the city tonight.

But the debate on who gets the job will most likely be pinned to a recent decision to continue adding fluoride to the city’s water.

Council member Sissi Bruch now says she would support adding her name as a possible candidate to be the next mayor. Bruch had previously indicated little interest in the job, but apparently changed her mind after the council’s fluoride decision last month.

Council members Pat Downie and Brad Collins have also said they are interested in being mayor. Bruch voted against adding fluoride, while Downie and Collins were in favor of continuing.

Bruch says she wants to be an alternative voice as mayor on the issue.

The council voted 4-3 December 15th to continue adding fluoride to the water despite a public advisory poll that showed nearly 60 percent of those voting wanted fluoridation stopped.

Council members supporting the continuation said there was not a sufficient turnout of polls and that was only one of three measures they used to decide the issue.

Under Port Angeles’ form of government, the mayor is chosen from among the city council. It is primarily a ceremonial position, but can wield power in running council meetings and help set the agenda.