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Port Macquarie-Hastings: Councillors vote 4-3 to hold a resident poll next year to ask if people would prefer council to stop water fluoridation

Source: Port Macquarie News | July 22nd, 2020 | By Deputy mayor Lisa Intemann
Location: Australia

Last week’s council meeting was, in my opinion, very professional in conduct.

All difficult items had been canvassed between councillors beforehand, staff opinion sought, and there were no complex last-minute surprises.

That does not mean any councillor was pre-committed to vote a certain way.

But issues and possible solutions had been raised and we were well prepared and informed, which is how it should be, to make the best decisions.

I’m hoping we continue on that path, with no more bizarre meeting surprises in future.

On the very important matter of general manager recruitment, four councillors will be involved throughout the process, while all councillors will develop the initial brief and take part in final selection interviews.

Another matter concerned moving the planned community poll on water fluoridation to September 2021, in line with council elections.

Councillors voted 4-3 to hold a poll next year, to ask whether residents would prefer council to stop water fluoridation.

If a majority say ‘yes’, council will consider what to do, including discussing the matter with NSW Health which currently compels council to fluoridate.

Since 2000, there has been increasing evidence fluoride consumption shows little dental benefit, while posing a measurable risk to health.

The matter was brought before court last month, in the USA. Five days of expert testimony showed fluoride is neurotoxic, and water fluoridation poses significant risk to human brain development. The court ruling is expected in August.

*Online at https://www.portnews.com.au/story/6840418/poll-on-water-fluoridation-for-september-2021/#comments