Fluoride Action Network

Portland: Anti-Fluoride Group Raising Money Again

Source: Willamette Week | July 15th, 2013 | By Nigel Jaquiss
Location: United States, Oregon

Clean Water Portland, the political action committee that won a landslide victory over proponents of fluoridating Portland’s water in May, is not finished yet.

The group reported last week reported raising $11,000, most of it in in-kind contributions for “surveys and polls.”

Among the contributions are Mercola Health Resources LLC ($5,000), Organic Consumers Fund ($3,000) and Fluoride Action Network ($2,000).

Kim Kaminksi, the chairwoman of Clean Water Portland, says the group has not yet decided what to tackle next.

“We have a great organization and a lot of volunteers,” Kaminski says. ‘We have shown the ability to raise money and do great things.”

After the May election, in which the anti-fluoride side won 61 percent to 39 percent, Kaminski talked about coming back next year to lock a prohibition on fluoride into the city charter.

She says the group is also interested in issues relating to water quality. For now, the group has not decided what it will do next.

“We’re not limiting ourselves,” Kaminski says. “Everything is on the table.”