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Portland. Dental health doesn’t require fluoride: Letters to the Editor

Source: The Oregonian | December 15th, 2014 | By Roger Burt
Location: United States, Oregon

Scotland recently got amazing dental health results with their ‘Childsmile’ program. In less than 10 years, dental costs were cut in half, and seventy percent of kids had no tooth decay.

‘Childsmile’ enrolls new babies at the age of three months. Parents are provided nutritional education, brushing instructions, and connected with a dentist. Dental exams start at age one year. Later, the children are provided varnish treatments if recommended by their dentist. This is all it took for such great results.

Scotland accomplished this profound improvement without water fluoridation. So it’s no problem that Portland voters took that option off the table. Scotland achieved far better tooth decay reduction with ‘Childsmile’ than even the most exaggerated claims made for water fluoridation.

Let’s take a lead from Scotland. ‘Childsmile’ will work in Oregon.

Roger Burt
Northeast Portland

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Note from Fluoride Action Network:
See more on the Childsmile Program from NHS Scotland (National Health Service)