And so, in accordance with Godwin’s Law, it has come to this.

The furor over Measure 26-151 has resulted in a YouTube parody video in which Adolf Hitler rails against the destruction of his plan to fluoridate Portland’s water.

“How could you let them vote?” the German dictator roars, via subtitles. “You said City Council was in the bag!”

Hitler “Downfall” parodies are a longstanding Internet tradition, using a clip from the German movie Downfall—where Hitler, played by actor Bruno Ganz, berates his subordinates in a spittle-flecked tirade—to mock a cultural meme or a political opponent.

This one is credited to a group called B Media Collective, a Portland-based left-wing group that makes “radical films” to”to catalyze collaborative work for social justice.”

This parody Hitler can’t believe fluoride isn’t more popular, despite his schemes.

“What about that ‘educational outreach’ to minority groups?” he says. “The Oregonian and Mercury endorsed us, no questions asked.”

Hitler does not mention Willamette Week.