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Portland: Pro-Fluoride Campaign Collects Huge Check

Source: Willamette Week | April 2nd, 2013 | By Nigel Jaquiss
Location: United States, Oregon

The campaigns jousting over Measure 26-151, which would authorize the city of Portland to add fluoride to its drinking water, are increasing their activity.

Yesterday, Health Kids, Healthy Portland, the pro-fluoride campaign, reported a $50,000 contribution from CareOregon, a Portland outfit that serves Medicare and Medicaid patients. Clean Water Portland, the anti-fluoridation committee, reported a $3,250 in-kind contribution from Kathleen Sanchez, a Portland graphic designer.

Those contributions bring the “Yes” campaign’s total raised to $125,000, with $27,000 on hand.

The “No” side has raised $66,000 and has $17,000 on hand.

Voters will decide the question in the May 21 election.