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Potsdam residents voice opinions on water fluoridation as the village plans to vote on matter on Sept. 17

Source: Watertown Daily Times | September 5th, 2018 | By Kevin Shea
Location: United States, New York

POTSDAM — The issue of water fluoridation is hot and contested beyond the village’s borders. Professionals from other states and countries have traveled here to offer their opinions about whether the village should continue the practice of fluoridating its water.

But the public hearing and regular village board meeting Tuesday offered something different from the previous conversations. It offered a solution.

“We are planning to have a resolution on our Sept. 17 regular board meeting,” said village mayor Reinhold J. Tischler.

Village officials have kept their opinions to themselves, but villagers haven’t, and for an hour and a half, villagers and travelers from other villages, counties, states and countries expressed their views in the hope of persuading the board.

“Some people don’t want it,” Jerry Bartlet said. “A dosing schedule is more precise,” he later added.

“This is a Band-Aid issue,” Susan Powers said. “This Band-Aid solution doesn’t address the underlying issue our region is facing.”

“We don’t have enough evidence to stop doing it,” Alan Rosner said.

“We have a health problem if we fluoridate our water or if we don’t fluoridate our water,” Rosemarie Rivezzi said.

For the most part, it was a rehashing of opinions, ideas, and facts.

On Sept. 17, either a decision will be made or the vote will be pushed back again.

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