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Potsdam: Village trustee meeting brings comments on fluoride

Source: Watertown Daily Times | September 11th, 2017 | By Abraham Kenmore
Location: United States, New York

POTSDAM — The village Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday night brought out a number of residents concerned about the fluoridation of water.

The trustees are currently researching whether to continue fluoridating water at the water treatment plant, as the equipment is aging and needs either to be replaced or removed. The village has a grant from the state to study the cost of replacing the equipment, so if it decides to end fluoridation, it would have to return the money.

The issue of fluoridation was not on the meeting’s agenda, but during the period of public comment seven people stood to ask the board to stop fluoridation.

Dean Laubscher, who has sent a number of emails with anti-fluoridation information to the trustees, addressed the board first. At one point, he held up a bag with two fluoride filters, which he said cost about $70.

“Not only do I pay for fluoride, I pay to remove it,” he said. “Tonight, I respectfully ask the village of Potsdam to immediately cease and desist the use of (fluoride) … for the health and well-being of our community.”

Mr. Laubscher also referenced an online survey which was created Tuesday morning by Chelle LeClare asking the village to cease fluoridation, and which, by Tuesday night, had 26 signatures. The survey included a note saying fluoride would be brought up at the board meeting, which may have contributed to the unusually high number of public comments.

None of the members of the public spoke in favor of fluoridation.

“To me, it’s so simple — when I turn on the faucet on, I just want water,” said Matthew Sweeney. “I don’t want anything added to it.”

After Mr. Sweeney’s testimony, trustee Stephen J. Warr added “it eats windows.” He went on to describe how the windows at the water treatment plant had been degraded due, he said, to fluoride fumes.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the board, they have to make up their own mind, but I’m on your side,” said Mr. Warr to the concerned residents.

Mayor Reinhold J. Tischler said the issue would be on the agenda at the board’s next meeting on Sept. 18.

The federal Centers for Disease Control endorses fluoridated water as a safe way to reduce cavities by 25 percent, according to the department’s website. The World Health Organization also supports water fluoridation.

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