… Following through on a decision to place a non-binding referendum regarding water fluoridation on the November ballot, council wrestled with a decision over whether or not to include estimated costs in the question.

Council member Linda Munson argued for two questions: a yes or no on the fluoridation and a second question asking if those who voted yes would be willing to support it at an estimated cost. She said grants are available, but the city can’t be sure of obtaining them. Council members Frank Pintz and Jean Titlbach said they preferred to keep the wording simple. Titlbach added the she supported the idea of a public information meeting so that both sides of the issue could be heard. Several council members said they felt both sides were eager to get their message out to the public.

Council finally settled on a question to be worded “Should Prairie du Chien fluoridate the water supply?” The choices would be “yes” or “no.” …